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RMS Bible Reading Program - a free and simple, but structured and disciplined Bible Reading Program for group participation to encourage, motivate, and reward Christians to maintain consistent and habitual Bible reading. This program provides a method whereby Bible Students Read the Bible in a systematic way to pursue specific reading requirements and monitors their progress. This program is coordinated, implemented, and monitored by a Group Leader.

This program is especially suited for Churches, Sunday Schools, Bible study groups, Bible colleges, and can also be used for online Bible study groups. The program includes not only a system for reading the Bible on a daily basis, but also a method to keep Bible readers excited and intent on being actively engaged in this Bible reading program.

Bible readers proceed at their own pace and report their progress to a Group Leader. Each member can view their reading progress in relation to other members in the program via a weekly summary chart prepared and issued by the Group Leader. The objective is to read the entire Bible by following the reading plan on a Book-By-Book-Basis, maintain a reading pace comparable with the group majority, and achieve "Certificates of Completion" for each Level of reading.

Anyone familiar with computers is soon to learn that while a user is actively at work with a particular program, such as a word processing program, there are other programs running in the background. These background programs typically include the anti-virus, networking, sound manager, disk management and many more. In similar fashion, this Bible reading program is a continual process that continues in the background. It is not a Bible study in itself, but is supplemental and essential for studying the Bible.

Bible reading on a daily basis is not an end in itself. Reading the Bible does not guarantee that the reader will learn and adhere to sound doctrine. After all, many cults use the Bible as a basis for their beliefs and practices. Therefore, it is imperative that the reader be imparted with God's knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as they read. How to do this is not a part of this program but is the subject of the RMS Basic Bible Study series.

This program is a prerequisite to effective Bible study and prepares Bible Students to:

The RMS Bible Reading Program is divided into 7 Levels. The program begins with Level 1 and continues to Level 7. Each Level has different Bible reading requirements for that Level. A reader who completes the program will have satisfied the requirements for all 7 Levels and received 7 "Certificates of Completion" in recognition of their achievements.

Each reading Level is divided into 10 sections identified by 10 Progress Tags. Each tag specifies the required books of the Bible to read and the number of times they are to be read. Participants in the program follow the outline of the RMS Bible reading schedule.

As the reader completes the requirements for a Tag, it will be verified, dated, and submitted to the Program Leader. When all 10 Tags have been completed, verified, and submitted to the Group Leader, the reader will receive a "Certificate of Completion" for that specific reading Level. These certificates document their achievement and reward the reader for doing so.

Each reader actively participates in the program via Progress Tags, Progress Tag Markers, Weekly Progress Summaries, group meetings, and recognition of accomplishments.

In much the same way as a Do-It-Yourself weight loss program is unproductive for most people, a DIY reading program for Christians is generally not effective. Habitual Bible reading can be improved considerably when an element of motivation is included in the reading program. In the same way more people are successful with weight loss programs when each member is part of a group. Peer pressure, competitiveness, and rewards in a group setting are a significant factors to keep participants actively engaged and on track to achieve desired goals.

This RMS Bible reading program was developed to be used by Church members, Sunday School Classes, and Bible Study groups. The program includes not only a system for reading the Bible on a daily basis, but also a method of motivation to keep Bible readers excited and intent on completing their Bible reading program.

The RMS Bible Reading Program contains all the necessary instructions for implementing the program for Churches and/or Bible Study groups. All necessary Charts, legends, reading schedules, Progress Tags, and summary sheets are included plus a sample certificate.

The "RMS Bible Reading Program" is available for free download. Refer to the eBooks link above for your free copy...

Edited: November 2023