Engineering Guide to Bible Prophecy

(From Matthew to Revelation)

A discussion of Bible prophecy usually is confined to the following time periods...

The closing days of the Church does not warrant much discussion only to say, that these are perilous times. The expected return of our Lord Jesus is near with the event called the Rapture.

The popular teaching of our day is that the rapture of the Church can occur at any moment. All things have been fulfilled as a prerequisite to our Lord's coming. Therefore, the canned expression of our day is "Keep Looking Up !!!

However, this teaching in not correct. The Church in Bible prophecy is completely omitted. Therefore, the correct chronology of events for the Church is as follows...

  1. Apostolic Church Age (Ad 30 -AD 70)
  2. Church Age (AD 70 - Last Days)
  3. Last Days of the Church (Last Days until the Rapture)

The 7 year tribulation as foretold in the book of Daniel is divided into two equal parts ...

  1. 3.5 years (Beginning - Abomination of Desolation)
  2. 3.5 years (Abomination of Desolation - Jesus defeats the Anti-Christ and puts down all rule and authority)

The last days of the Church is also divided into two parts but they are not equal parts...

  1. First part (Beginning of Sorrows(tribulation) - Man of Sin is revealed)
  2. Second part (Great Tribulation - Rapture of the Church)

We are currently living in the time of sorrows also called the tribulation period by inference. This age began several decades ago. The second part known as the Great Tribulation period is soon to begin. The Church is in its time of tribulation now with the Great Tribulation of the Church next on the calendar of prophetic events.

The beginning of the last days of the Church starts with the coming of the "Thief". The work of the thief will be as the working of leaven described in the fourth parable in Matthew 13. It will begin slowly and inconspicuously and climax in the revelation of the man of sin also called the man of lawlessness...

However, if we examine scripture closely, we understand that Jesus and the New Testament writers had a lot to say about the final days of the Church age.

To be continued...

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